New Life Church in Cupertino
You in Five Years - Week #2
We all have goals, plans, hopes, and dreams for our future. Things we want to start – or maybe stop – doing. But how do we get there? Join us Sundays in January as this discussion series will explore some practical and spiritual steps you can take to become the person you want to be in five years.
Locations & Times
  • New Life Church - Cupertino
    20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
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People don’t intend to get lost.
People are lost before they recognize it.
Men go faster when lost.
People end up wherever the road leads.
Direction determines destination.

You are unique.
Your path is not.
Change direction and things will eventually change.
Direction, not intention, determines destination.
#1 Go home and find a box.
#2 Collect all the fun you’ve had and put it in the box.
#3 Collect all the money you’ve wasted and put it in the box.
#4 Stare at it.
Jesus invites us to follow Him to a life characterized by fulfillment.

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