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Sunday, January 13, 2019 — New
A new you in the new year! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Yet, we hear the same claims being made all over the TV and Internet year after year. What if there were a way to see change, guaranteed? What would you be willing to do? What would you be willing to sacrifice to see your prayers answered? It might be far simpler than you ever imagined, and the truth has been right in front of you this whole time. Through this season, this is precisely what we are asking God to do: do something NEW in me.
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    الأحد ٩:٠٠ ص, الأحد ١٠:٤٥ ص
If we keep doing what we have always done, we’ll keep getting what you have already gotten.
"Moses murdered a man. Abraham was a liar. Jacob was a cheater. Rahab was a prostitute. David committed adultery. The apostle Paul even murdered Christians. And God used all these mess-ups to do awesome things." —Craig Groeschel
Fasting was so common and valued as part of the lives of those in the New Testament that it was considered odd when someone did not fast.

Fasting is a spiritual reboot, a course correction.

"There is no growth without change, no change without loss, and no loss without pain." —Samuel Chand

"When you interpret your pain as bigger—more important, more threatening, more comprehensive—than your vision, you’ll redefine your vision down to the threshold of your pain." —Samuel Chand

Don’t set your goals by what you can accomplish, don’t lower you request from God, don’t diminish your vision to something that you can do without the creator, your Heavenly Father.

"He doesn’t just want you to worship Him with your memory; He wants you to worship Him with your imagination." —Mark Batterson
If we keep doing what we have always done, we’ll keep getting what you have already gotten.

New blessings require New behaviors.
"A diet changes the way you look, but a fast changes the way you see."

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