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Fresh Start Part 3: Building Confidence in God
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Rebooting Your Life for 2019
Part 3: Building Confidence in God
By Lead Pastor David M. Schmaltz
Being the longest living Apostle, John was given the opportunity to watch the growth, blooming, and struggle of the early church as it fought off the deceiving attempt of the enemy to corrupt new believers with lies and misinterpretations. So, in a very child-like way (simple Greek), John instructs and encourages the churches who are combating an early form of Gnosticism, which was threatening the very basic beliefs regarding morality, belief in Christ, and the testing of this faith in daily life.

1 John was a circular letter written from Ephesus to the churches in Asia where the Apostle John lived and ministered before his eventual exile to the Island of Patmos.
Part 3: Building Confidence in God
1. We are called children of God.
a. How do children think?
b. Children want to act like daddy.
c. Christ was the example – walk in purity.
2. We are called to be righteous.
a. The lie: Christians can act like everyone else.
b. To practice sin, is to act like our enemy.
c. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it. AND…to DESTROY the works of the devil.
d. What are the “works of the devil?”
- Disease, deception, destruction, death (spirit, soul, and body)
- How does Jesus “destroy?” Heal, enlighten, build up, encourage, resurrect.
3. We are called to love in action and truth.
a. Refusing to love in action is a revealing of the heart. God’s love is simply not there.
b. We are called to BE like Jesus – in heart and action. KEY.
c. Christ changes our hearts as we choose to follow Him. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. The love of God is shed abroad (poured out) into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Rom. 5:5
4. We are called to walk in confidence in God.
a. Our hearts will only condemn us if we are deceived or ignoring the truth by not walking in the commands of Christ to love God with everything and to love our brothers and sisters with deeds.
b. What we do with our actions does count, unlike the lies told to the church then, and now.
c. Our prayers will be answered as a result of a confidence that is based on faith in Christ, and this faith confirmed by faithful actions – obedience, loving words, and loving actions. Christ likeness.
Embracing our callings builds confidence in God, which produces greater faith, daily peace, and awesome answers to prayer, over and over again.