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Church for Monday - January 20 | Olathe
A Disciple Who's Ready for Monday Puts on The Yoke - 9:00am & 10:30am
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  • Christ Community - Olathe Campus
    20600 W 119th St, Olathe, KS 66061, United States
    Saturday 3:00 AM

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Title: A Disciple Who's Ready for Monday Puts on The Yoke
Scripture: Matthew 11:25-30
Speaker: Nathan Miller,

>> His yoke is our rest.
>> A yoke of human expectation or a yoke of God’s invitation.
>> A yoke of my endless striving or a yoke of God’s rest.
>> A yoke of trying harder or a yoke of training better.
"A disciple who’s ready for Monday puts on the yoke, pursuing intimacy with God through spiritual disciplines.

We know that embracing our unique Monday mission is difficult. So how do we prepare? Dallas Willard argues that to perform appropriately in those moments when we’re “on the spot,” we must be preparing while we’re “off the spot.” Preparation, he says, comes through regular engagement with the spiritual disciplines." - Church For Monday Series Guidebook
If you want to be ready, for LIFE, you must engage the disciplines:
1. Bring back the sabbath
2. Start and end your day with prayer
"In prayer we intend to leave the world of anxieties and enter a world of wonder. We decide to leave an ego-centered world and enter a God-centered world. We will to leave a world of problems and enter a world of mystery. But it is not easy. We are used to anxieties, egos, and problems.; we are not used to wonder, God, and mystery." - Eugene Peterson
>> How will you respond to His invitation?

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