The Ridge Church
When Races Collide
Bible Study Outline for 9:00 am January 13, 2019.
Locations & Times
  • The Ridge Church
    7350 Old Hwy 13, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
Engaging Culture in an Ever-Changing World

Session 1: When Races Collide - Ephesians 2:11-22
Session 2 When Life Is Expendable - Exodus 1:16-17,22–2:9
Session 3: When Circumstances Overwhelm - Psalm 42:1-3,6-8; 43:3-5
Session 4: When Substances Take Over - Ephesians 5:15-21
Session 5: When Marriage Is Questioned - Genesis 2:18-25
Session 6: When Materialism Consumes 1 - John 2:12-17; 3:16-18
Session 7: When False Religions Deceive 1 - John 2:18-29
The Point

Our relationship with Christ should be reflected in our unity with one another.
The Bible Meets Life

As Americans, we give lip service to the truth that we are all equal. While our laws strengthen that ideal, the reality is we do not always reflect that in our attitudes or relationships. Our fallen human nature seeks to make distinctions between races, but God makes no distinction. Christ loves all equally, He died for all, and He works through all believers regardless of race. We are to follow the example of Christ and openly accept and embrace one other.
The Setting

Ephesians 2:11-22 focuses on the alienation that existed between Jews and Gentiles in the first century. Paul described the animosity that existed and how God had remedied the situation through Christ. Christ loves everyone equally and died for all. He makes no distinctions between races, ethnicities, or nationalities. Paul painted a vivid picture of how Christians should behave when confronted with those who appear to be different.
What do you appreciate most about other cultures?
What is the importance of remembering who we were before knowing Christ?

What are some differences that often divide people today?
How do you typically respond when you encounter division?

How does our reconciliation with God help us reconcile with others?

What’s the relationship between having peace with God and peace with others?
What are some practical steps our group can take to positively impact race relations in our community?

What challenges might we face as we try to model the example of Christ with those who are different from us?
Live It Out

Admit. Racism still exists. Confess to God any prejudice you feel toward another person.

Meet. Get to know your neighbors and coworkers who have a different ethnicity than yours. Don’t treat them differently. You can build bridges by focusing on what you share in common.

Invite. Invite someone of a different race or ethnicity to come with you to your Bible study group. The smaller group environment is a great way for them to build relationships with other believers.
Wrap It Up

Don’t just go to church; be the church!