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Grace: Nothing to Lose
Grace is THE BIG DISTINCTIVE IDEA of Christianity, yet many Christians struggle to understand it. Most struggle to apply it to themselves and the people around them. This series digs into the big, distinctive idea of grace, discovers how grace changes everything and helps us more fully apply grace to ourselves and others.
Locations & Times
  • Columbia Grove Covenant Church
    19 McElmurry Ln, East Wenatchee, WA 98802, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Where is it written?
Read Ephesians 3:7-8
What word does Paul use to describe himself?
What is he a servant of? How?
How did Paul experience God’s work in his life?

Deep Study - Paul’s Past
Read Acts 9:1-31
What was Paul doing before Jesus met him?
What happened when Jesus met him?
Who went to talk to him? Why was he reluctant to go?
What happened right after Paul’s encounter?
Were the disciples eager to greet Paul?
What did they do to Paul?

How is your story faith similar to Paul’s? How is it different?

How goes your walk?
How does knowing God’s authority change how you live?
How do you go from letting your past mistakes define you to being something you now just remember?
How does remembering “where you came from” give you extra boldness to share your faith?

Pray for an opportunity this week to share your story of what God’s grace saved you from.

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