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Sermon Series: UnCommon
Sermon Title: Common Bush/Uncommon Call
Sermon Text: Exodus 3:1-4; 17
There are 4 Common Excuses from Moses:
Excuse #1: Who Am I? Exodus 3:11
Excuse #2: I don't know you well enough God. Exodus 3:13-15
Excuse #3: People won't believe me and what you said. Exodus 4:1
Excuse #4: I'm not qualified. Exodus 4:10
He had a common lack of self-confidence, what he needed was uncommon...God confidence.
God just wanted Moses to be a common vessel to be used by Him in an uncommon way.
Living the Word applications: Common/Uncommon...
Do the common but be attentive to the uncommon. 3:1-3
If God can use an old, scrubby bush to speak through, then God can use you.
God doesn't want our perfections; He wants our imperfections in submission to Him.


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