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Pastor Joseph Salajan Bio
Pastor Joe was born in the little town of Crasna (Romania). Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by the unique connection between pastors and their special book, the Bible. When at the age of 7 he received his first little Bible from a brave pastor who was able to procure it for him in spite of the interdictions of the communist regime, he felt special and decided one day he would become a pastor.

After serving as a Pastor for 8 years in Romania, in 2013 he immigrated to the USA. He currently serves as Lead Pastor of Plantation Seventh-day Adventist Church. Along with his wonderful wife Anda and their gorgeous daughter Alessandra, he enjoys proclaiming God’s grace and ministering to his fellows.

Pastor Joe is currently enrolled in a doctoral Program (DMin in Preaching) with Andrews University. His hobbies are languages, music, and poetry.

Pastor Joe's Sermons

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Sermon Theme: God is faithful to His covenant people and keeps His promises no matter what
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In the Book of Revelation, the Day of Atonement has a central place. It is hinted upon in all the tree sections of the first half of the book (trumpets, seals, churches), always toward the end of the time period that is outlined.

For instance, before the 7th trumpet John is asked to do some measuring… He is asked to measure the temple, the altar and the worshipers. The figurative meaning of “to measure” is to judge (to evaluate or investigate). In Leviticus 16 these three elements (the sanctuary, the altar, the people) are mentioned in the context of the Day of Atonement.

In the section of the 7 seals, before the 7 th seal, we have the picture of God sealing His people (144.000) before the final battle. To this day, the Jewish greeting on Yom Kippur is chatima tova, good sealing, or may you be sealed…
In the 7 churches, in the message of Laodicea – people of justice/judgment - the idea of testing by tasting appears… The point is that the Day of Atonement always comes to picture toward the end of the history of Christianity. just before the Second Coming of Christ.
Now watch this: The Book of Revelation is a big chiasm constructed of 7 sections. Each section is introduced by a scene that is somehow connected to the sanctuary and the festivals: Passover (in the 7 churches), Pentecost (in the 7 seals), Feast of Trumpets (in the 7 trumpets), and Feast of Tabernacles (in the last section).

It is remarkable that the Sanctuary scene of Yom Kippur is right here in the middle…right at the top of the chiasm, at the peak of the mountain. This is the most important section. This section sets the stage for the 2 nd half of the book, which outlines the end-time events…

Why is Yom Kippur brought in right here?

Because of how important it is!!!

The Jews call the Old Testament the Torah. In reality, the Torah is the 5 books of Moses. The rest of the OT is derived from the Torah. The Torah/Pentateuch is constructed as a huge chiasm. The book of Genesis parallels the Deuteronomy. Exodus matches Numbers. And you have Leviticus in the middle. The book of Leviticus itself is a chiasm and the top of the mountain is Lev. 16. Guess what is described there? Yom Kippur/ Day of Atonement…

Why was it so important?
Because atonement is crucial!!!

What is atonement? It is when I sinned and I should be cut off, but someone else is cut off…

Atonement happened in 2 phases. First, if you sinned (broke the rules of the Camp) on any day of the year, you had to bring a sacrifice animal and confess/transfer your sin upon the head of the sacrifice animal (symbol of Jesus). In other words Yahweh himself took your sins.
The Covenant

Israel was God’s covenant people. God loved the people of Israel; this people was like His wife… but, unfortunately, she became a prostitute/a harlot… she broke the covenant and left… God pleaded with his unfaithful wife; had also some straight words with her…
But there was a 2nd phase. On the Big Day of Atonement (Yom Hakippurim) the sins of the people were taken from Yahweh (residing in the Holy of Holies) and placed on the head of the goat of Azazel… (symbol of Satan), which was sent into the wilderness to die. So this day was a day of justice/judgment when the devil was (symbolically) executed.

But on that day, the people of Israel would fast/afflict their soul: make sure all their sins would be confessed and atoned for, otherwise they would be cut off from among their people... they knew the camp director was pretty serious when it came to the rules of the camp…
The days of the new covenant came… and God tabernacled among His people in Jesus Christ/the Messiah. In him was dwelling the – Gal. 2:9 – fullness of Godhead… Jesus said: I am able to destroy the Temple of God and build it back in 3 days… They didn’t understand; he was that Temple…. He was greater than the Temple…

But then when the time came the Messiah was “cut off…” on the Day of Passover (Dan. 9) and on the Day of Pentecost… a new covenant was cut. With whom…? Some believe the new covenant was a different with a different people. That’s not what the Bible teaches…
Then, what about us? Jamaicans, Japanese, Haitians, Hondurenos, Canadians and Colombians, Brazilians, Bahamians, Russians, Romanians…?

Paul explains: when we accept Jesus Christ, we become Abraham’s seed!!! And he illustrates: God had an olive tree (Israel). Some of the branches were cut off (those that rejected Jesus… the Pharisees, the priest… but even from among them some were converted Acts 6).
You and I were branches of a wild olive tree; we were grafted in…

The new covenant is a renewed covenant… the same good old covenant renewed. Those upon whom the Spirit (tongue of fire) came on the day of Pentecost were Jews, or proselytes (pagans with a Jewish heart); just like at Sinai, there were non-ethnic Jews among the Jews… The Holy Spirit came upon each one of them individually, like some tongues of fire.

Today you and I are called to be the Shekinah of God, Sanctuaries where God resides. Your body is the Temple of God; the Spirit dwells in you (1Cor. 6). You as a church are the Temple of God; the Spirit dwells in you (1Cor. 3).

We are the moving temples… we are God’s Camp… the campground is the entire world… the rules are essentially the same. The Camp Director never leaves the camp! I am with you always… to the end of the age! That’s why the Ark of the Covenant is seen in heaven… right here before the description of the end-time events…!

Revelation 12 starts with the description of a woman (symbol of Christ’s church) that is persecuted by the dragon! The woman gives birth to a child, the dragon wants to swallow the child. Can he? Why not? There is a covenant… the Camp Director never left the Camp!
Then the dragon wants to get the woman… but she is given wings; she flies into the wilderness… the dragon is after her and spews water against her, but the earth opens its mouth and swallows up the flood. There is a covenant… the Camp Director never left the Camp!

Then the dragon gets enraged, and goes to make war with the remnant of her seed. He finds 2 allies: the beast that rises from the water and the beast that comes up from the earth…The demonic trio tries everything to destroy God’s children. They try to fool them; try to kill them… cut them off! There is a covenant… the Camp Director never left the Camp! The 144000 are finally seen victorious on Mount Zion…


As the Ark of the Covenant was the reminder to Israel during their wilderness journeys and battles of God’s loyal love, so the Ark of the Covenant in the heavenly Temple is a reminder to us that whatever troubles, temptations trials, tempests are gonna hit us at the end of history, there is a covenant… the Camp Director never leaves the Camp!

Stay in the Camp! Obey the rules of the Camp!


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