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Loyalty January 6th 2018 Vol.17 Issue 11
Sunday Sermon Be the Body of Christ… Build Believers…Change the World Connecting with God…Connecting with Others… Connecting Others with God
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  • 4365 Hickory Blvd, Granite Falls, NC 28630, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
A New Year, A New Life
Before we can take the first step of our recovery, we must face and admit our denial
Jeremiah 6:14

By Repressing our feelings we freeze our emotions Understanding and feeling our feelings is freedom
2 Peter 2:19

Aside effect of our denial is anxiety. Anxiety causes us to waste precious energy running from our past and worrying about and dreading the future. It is only in the present, today where positive change can occur
Psalms 146:7-7

We are “as sick as our secrets” We cannot grow in recovery until we are ready to step out of our denial into the truth
Psalms 107:13-14

God’s light shines on the truth. Our denial keeps us in the dark
1 John 1:5-7

Denial tells us we are getting away with it. We think no one knows, but they do
Ephesians 4: 25

We have the false belief that denial protects us from our pain. In reality, denial allows our pain to feaster and grow and turn into shame and guilt
Jeremiah 30:17

Accept the first principle of recovery. Step out of your denial Step into you Higher Power’s - Jesus Christ’s - unconditional love and grace!
Christmas Offering 2018
This Sunday Dec 23rd 2018 collection
GOAL :$10,000

Guatemala Meeting
Tuesday 8th 7:00p -8:30 @ Day 3 church in the connection area
see Brandy or Brad McBride for any Questions

are hosting a Blood Drive January 16th 2018 More info to come

January 27th (last Sunday of each month) , Day3 will have "Family Sunday". Family Sunday, again the last Sunday of the month, will be the Sunday that all children(except the Nursery) will join the adults and youth in Day3's morning worship services and sit with their parents. During that service, there will be a "kid's sermon" shared with the children. Worshiping as a family with mom and dad modeling worship is so important and is something Day3 wants to enable

there are hand painted canvases upstairs for purchase take 50% off (painted by William Rogers) and all proceeds go to Guatemala Missions

4F Club
A Ladies connection group to meet at Agi's house on Wednesday mornings 10am. Faith based, Fun, Fitness & Fellowship. Sign ups on communication board outside the worship center

Celebrate Recovery
Meeting every Friday at 7pm upstairs in the Fellowship Hall. Recovery for any hurt, habit or hang up! Questions : Mike Waskmunski

Worship Team
If you are interested in getting involved in the worship ministry please see John Lewis there are many different ways you can serve in this area. Email -

Of Day 3 Sermons are online

Life Groups
Meet different times during the week. To get involved in one that fits you and your schedule email

We are asking you to
register online and begin praying for their neighbors and considering how to minister to them.
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If you would like to be on the day 3 share email list please send an email to we send our prayer request, announcements, information and other church related information.
Staff Contact
Staff Contact Information:

Lead Pastor: J. Lynn Parsons
Facebook: Joseph Lynn Parsons

Assoc. Pastor: Daryl Triplett

Worship Pastor: John Lewis

Youth Leader/Secretary : Brandy McBride

Busy Bee Preschool Director:
Ryan Davis

Connection Card

Please take time to fill out the Connection Card it lets us know you were here today and how God spoke to you. You can also designated prayer request that our staff and volunteers will pray over.
Worship : Sundays @ 8:30 & 10:30am
Day3Kidz : Sundays @ 8:30 & 10:30am
Life Groups : Semester in Session
Ladies Prayer Group : Semester break
Celebrate Recovery : Friday’s @ 6:30p