Faith Southern Baptist Church
Trained By Grace
Wednesday Bible Study
Locations & Times
  • Dickson
    7575 OK-199, Ardmore, OK 73401, USA
    Wednesday 6:30 PM
Trained by saving Grace

Tracked by saving Grace [active pursuit]

He brings salvation to us—we have the opportunity to accept or reject

All men

Not Grace for some and self-justification for others

No person is outside the saving influence of Grace

Hath shined out

Teaching us

To train [process]

Train with instruction, encouragement, correction and discipline

Grace makes ethical demand of us consistent with His nature

Instructs us to live right

Not an excuse for licentiousness

We are to submit to His Grace for living Godly lives

Denying ungodliness

Denying worldly passions

Learn self-control in regard to ourselves

Live righteously in regard to people around us

Live holy unto the Lord

Legalists claim teaching grace will provoke Christians to be indifferent to sin



Gave Himself - all He could give [need nothing else]




Purify for Himself [spoils of war]

Result: a people who are zealous for good works

To the church: urge, advise, encourage, warn

To Titus: conduct yourself and your training as to command respect