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12.16.2018 | Prophecy of Micah
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December 16, 2018

Welcome to Dover Assembly!
We are so glad you have chosen to attend Dover Assembly this morning. It is not by accident that you are here. We believe that God has allowed you to be here so that you might receive all that He has for you. We pray you are blessed as you allow the Lord to work in your life.


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Today marks 11 years since we first arrived at Dover Assembly after a long drive from Florida. Lloyd Kroft met us at the front door of the church and said “I’m glad you’re here. Here’s the keys!” We didn’t know what God had in store for us, but we knew this is where He wanted us to be. It has been a tremendous blessing over these last 11 years to see how God has moved and blessed our church. It is great to know you are right in the center of what God is doing! -Pastor Jeff & Anna

6:30 pm ~ FAMILY NIGHT


Christmas Caroling
We have been invited by the Mayor of Dover Borough to join with other churches to go caroling TONIGHT.We will meet at Calvary Lutheran Church (at the square in Dover, across from Tom’s Gas Station) at 5:00 pm. They ask that we provide some desserts as we will gather for fellowship at Calvary following the caroling. Please sign up in the lower foyer if you can join us and indicate what you are able to bring.


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Please remember to be faithful in the giving of your tithes and offerings during this time of year. As the economy continues to shift and change, our God does not. He is our provider and will always be faithful in providing our needs if we are faithful in our obedience to Him. Also, to be sure that your giving is recorded in 2018, it needs to be received by Dec 31. Thank you for your faithfulness!!

Welcome New Members
We want to welcome our newest members, Pete & Dee D’Agostino who have transferred their membership from Hamlin A/G to Dover Assembly. Both Pete & Dee were very active in their previous church and we welcome their ministry gifts to our family!

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We've all heard many Christmas sermons, so this won’t be anything new or earth shattering to you, but at the time, it was exactly that.

It wasn’t new, but it was earth shattering.
A couple of things about this before we go further.

1) Some people were expecting the Messiah. Wise men knew what to look for and had heard about the coming Messiah. They believed what was written about in the Old Testament. There will always be people believe what the Bible says and want to know more about Jesus.

2) Some people were troubled by the Messiah. Herod saw his leadership might possibly be in trouble. He was afraid that this new Messiah would take away all he had. He didn’t want to give up his lifestyle.

There will always be people who do not want to give up their lifestyle in order to know Jesus. The thing about knowing Jesus, is that you don’t give up anything, you gain everything. Just as the things we valued as kids or teens or even young adults change over time, so do our lifestyles as we mature in Christ. God doesn’t take anything away except our sins. He replaces what we value and desire.

3) Some people knew the Bible, but didn’t believe it or thought that it didn’t apply to them or their situation. Herod asked the leading priests and teachers of religious law about the coming Messiah and they instantly they knew the scriptures. They told him right away what the Old Testament said. But they were the ones who called for Christ’s death.

There will always be people that know the Bible, but don’t apply it to their lives or believe that it doesn’t apply to them. They know it as a history book or textbook, but not the word of the living God -- God’s actual letter to each of us.
This brings us to the book of Micah, where this quote was taken from.

Let’s look at what was going on in Micah’s world that causes him to write this.

If you aren’t familiar with Micah, you might think that it is all about Jesus and God’s grace and mercy.

Not quite the case...the first 4 chapters are the prophet detailing the destruction that God was going to bring upon Judah and Israel.

Most of what was written detailed the sins that Israel committed. Chapter after chapter listed all the wickedness perpetrated by the leaders and people.
God was fed up with his people constantly sinning and not listening to the prophets telling them to get right with God.

So he lists all their sins, tells them what is about to happen to them in the way of divine punishment and prepares them for their years of captivity.

But right in the middle of all this talk of sin and judgment we have these few verses.
He is saying, get ready for here it comes.

But then he speaks about a redemption for them.

In the middle of all the horror that will come upon them, he tells them all is not lost.
God picks the city in which Jesus will be born. If you study that city, you’ll see it has a distinct pedigree. Many other important events happened there, so it wasn’t by chance that it was Bethlehem.

He tells them that the current generations of Jews will be left in captivity until the woman gives birth. What woman? Mary!

The rest of that prophecy is about the coming age. Two-fold. When Israel as a nation comes back to their homeland after captivity, and at the end of the age when the nation of Israel turns to God.

Now the people of Micah’s time when they heard this they should have repented like Nineveh did but they didn’t.

No different than today. We see our country declining in the things of God and increasing in the way of sinfulness.
And in the middle of this decline, God still offers an island of peace in the midst of the storm.
The New Testament quotes this prophecy for a reason. Why?

1) To validate the Old Testament. When they quote the Old Testament in the New Testament, it shows the link between the 2. That it isn’t 2 separate books, but one continuing book.

2) In many of God’s prophecy as we said before, they are two-fold. To tell of something that is imminent and to tell of something that is still in the future.

God was telling Israel that judgment was coming soon on them for their sinfulness. He is also foreshadowing the judgment that will be coming in the tribulation. And the escape from both is a relationship with God thru the Messiah.

God gave us an escape hatch. God has provided not only a way out of judgment, but a way to live in peace today.
We discussed “happiness” last Wednesday night. That God doesn’t necessarily want us to be happy, because happiness depends on happenings or things or accomplishments, possessions, the list is endless.

God does not exist to make you happy. Jesus wasn’t born in a manger to make you happy. Jesus didn’t die to make you happy.

He came to provide salvation, forgiveness of sins and therefore peace with God.
And that can happen regardless if you are happy or not.

We celebrate the gift of God at Christmas time. But God’s gift isn’t a present, it’s a life preserver. Designed to save you from a life that will eventually drown in sin and judgment.

God’s gift is free and without cost to anyone. It is simply received through trust in what God’s word says.

Going back to the leaders and Herod, they knew it, had heard about it many times, probably heard sermons about it, but didn’t believe or trust that it was true for them. They missed the whole purpose of the birth.

The people in Micah’s time and the people in Jesus time missed it. There’s a whole contingent of people today who have missed what Christmas is about.

It’s not about the presents, it’s about God offering his love to His people thru the gift of His son.

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