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The Angels' Announcement
Bible Study Outline for 9:00 am December 23, 2018.
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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
The Full Picture of Christmas

Session 1: Isaiah’s Prophecy - Isaiah 7:10-14; 9:6-7; 11:1-5
Session 2: Joseph’s Obedience - Matthew 1:18-25
Session 3: Mary’s Trust - Luke 1:26-38
Session 4: The Angels’ Announcement - Luke 2:1-14
Session 5: Simeon’s Proclamation - Luke 2:25-35
Session 6: The Wise Men’s Worship - Matthew 2:1-11
The Point

Jesus came for our salvation.
The Bible Meets Life

The story of Christmas—the birth of Jesus—is a familiar one to so many. Familiarity may cause many people to lose sight of what God accomplished with that event and the reason Jesus came. Unfortunately, many people leave Jesus in the manger and fail to look beyond His birth to discover that God came to earth to bring us to Himself.
The Setting

After the angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would have a child, Mary visited Elizabeth. Then, Elizabeth completed her pregnancy and gave birth to John, the forerunner of Jesus. Mary returned to Nazareth to prepare for the arrival of her baby, but political events happening in the region of Israel would shape the next chapter of her life. She and her husband would have to make a journey to Joseph’s ancestral home—Bethlehem.
What’s the most interesting road trip you’ve taken?
How do the circumstances of Jesus’ birth help you relate to Him?

When has God used outside circumstances to get you where He wanted you to be?

Based on these verses, what are some things God orchestrated to fulfill His plan?
What’s so good about the news the angels delivered?

How would you share the angel’s announcement in your own words?

The angel described Jesus’ birth:

Savior. The name “Jesus” is tied to “Joshua,” which means God is Salvation.

Messiah. The Greek word is Christos, which we often translate as “Christ.” It means “Anointed One,” the one God chose for the task of our salvation.

Lord. He is the Master, the Supreme Authority in all things.
What are some ways our group can bring glory to God and peace to others?
Live It Out

Trust. Reflect on the goodness of God’s salvation. If you’ve never accepted God’s offer of salvation, do so now.

Worship. As the angels gave glory and highest honor to God, we likewise should aim to give all praise to God in our daily lives. Ask the Lord for a fresh zeal to live a life that glorifies Him in all things. Pick at least one specific trait of God that inspires you to worship Him today.

Pray. Pray specifically for someone you know whose heart needs to become open to the gospel. Consider how his or her life would be changed by the good news, and how God would be glorified. Ask God to begin softening that person’s heart to the message of Christ. Pray that God would open a door for you to share your faith.
Wrap It Up

Enter the week with gratitude for God’s saving grace through Christ Jesus.


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