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Choctaw Road Baptist Church
Spiritual Preppers: What to do when life’s not fair
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  • Choctaw Road Baptist Church
    14971 E Reno Ave, Choctaw, OK 73020, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM, Sunday 9:15 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM, Sunday 11:45 AM
There are five Biblical reasons why we suffer:
· We live in a fallen world.
· When bad people do bad things, good people hurt.
· Self-inflicted wounds.
· Spiritual training.
· Testing of our faith.

Get some perspective.
· If your perspective is this life is the greatest gift you have been given, life is going to be tough and you will struggle with God.
· If your perspective is heaven the greatest gift you have been given, your perspective changes and suffering doesn’t matter as much.
· If we don’t work at it, we get over great things pretty easily.

Take a deeper look at your salvation.
· The Father choose you.
· The Spirit changes you.
· Through the work of the Son we are forgiven.
· Salvation transcends time—my past is erased,

When life seems unfair remember you have already received the greatest gift.
· If I have salvation and my life stinks, I am still the luckiest guy alive.
· The goal of your faith is salvation, not the solution of your problems.
· When I take my greatest gifts for granted, my problems become the lens through which i see life.
· Judge God’s goodness by the cross and not your crisis, by your future and not your problem.

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