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Welcome to Grace Chapel! Authentic celebration of Christmas can only occur when we first acknowledge beauty of Jesus as the centerpiece of the season. In our new series, Adore, we will gain biblical insight into what it means for our heart to truly cherish the gift of Christ.
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Worship =“worth-ship”; to bow down to attribute worth
Worship involves REVELATION and RESPONSE. It is the response of all that I am, to the revelation of all that He is.
Wise Men Really Do Still Seek Him
Keys to True Adoration This Christmas Season - (Matthew 2:1-11)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT (v. 2) - “Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?”
The essence of idolatry is the entertainment of thoughts about God that are unworthy of Him.” A.W. Tozer

“I am not worshipping Him because of what He will do for me, but because of what He is to me.” Warren Wiersbe

To worship “in spirit” involves possession of, submission to, and ILLUMINATION by the Spirit of God.
To worship “in truth” involves the truth of God revealed in creation, Christ, and the Scriptures – RENEWING my mind and RECEIVED in my heart.
ATTENTIVENESS (v. 2) - “For we saw his star when it rose…”
The ENEMIES of true worship are ignorance, idolatry, impurity, and insincerity.
ACTION (v. 2) - “…and have come to worship Him.”
• Worship is GIVING, not RECEIVING.
• Worship involves ATTITUDE, and ACTION.


- Think about my current perspective on worship. What “forms” might be threatening the “reality” of true worship?

- In the midst of all the distractions of this Christmas season, think of three ways I can be more “attentive” to God’s call to experience true worship

- How will your worship of Jesus be demonstrated through sacrificial action this season? Be specific and make clear plans to worship in this way.

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