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Christmas from the Perspective of the Wise Men
Sunday, December 09, 2018 - Pastor Jay Stuckey
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We have some incorrect assumptions concerning the birth story of Jesus:

-The wise men were present at the birth of Jesus (sorry, no.)

-There were only three wise men (again, likely not.)

-Herod was interested in knowing more about the Christ child (Okay, I know you didn’t buy this one for a minute.)

1)The Good News is for ________!

Regardless of what you may have heard or even what you might have come to believe – Jesus came and lived, died, and rose again for ALL people.

Matthew begins with “Come and see” and ends with “Go and tell.”
2) What might seem wise today might be considered _______ tomorrow.

That is why it is important that we never stop learning, nor seeking to know God more. The wisdom of this world is totally inadequate to equip us for eternity. We must know God and be people of His word. God is at work to form Jesus IN us, and to bring forth Jesus FROM us.
3) The only true ____ for the world is found in that baby in the manger.

Men and women have searched the world over for generations to find “the meaning of life.” The wisdom of the world will never lead to a satisfying conclusion to this search. Only a humble trust and sincere love and devotion to the One who gave up everything in order that we might experience forgiveness, acceptance and peace will lead us to find hope as well.
So … the question for today is,

“Have you ever truly understood the message of Christmas?”
You don’t have to be “the right kind of person.” If you have sensed that something is just not right between you and God, today is the appointed time for you to put your doubts and fears aside and simply trust Jesus, asking Him to forgive you and take control of your future. Will you receive Him today?

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