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Don’t Miss Christmas
These are sermon notes for our morning service on December 2, 2018.
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Christmas time is a time filled with traditions. Yet where is Christ in Christmas? It's easy to get caught up in Christmas and actually miss what Christmas is all about.
The Bible tells us that even with all of the wonderful events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ, there were some who were unaware or even hostile to the arrival of the new born King. How did they miss Christmas? The Bible shows us many who missed Christmas; we will look at three of them today.
I. The Inn Keeper of Bethlehem
His life was too crowded for Christ
The people at the inn had no room for the King.
- Reading Luke’s account, we get the mental impression that there were several inns in the area that were full, with every room occupied by people who, just like Mary and Joseph, had traveled to Bethlehem for the Roman census.
- Bethlehem was the city of King David, so his every living descendant would have been there, which meant that this little village must have been bulging: all the hotel lobbies filled with tired travelers.
Why did the inn keeper miss this incredible opportunity?
- Don’t miss Christmas in the midst of all the “stuff” that crowds the season.
- Like the inn keeper, if we are not careful, we will miss the true message of Christmas because our lives are too crowded.
II. The Townspeople of Bethlehem
They were too indifferent to take notice of Christ
- Christmas came to Bethlehem, but almost everyone there missed it.
- Bethlehem, however, had a good excuse. The people there were overwhelmed with life.
- The people of Bethlehem, by and large, missed the greatest birth in all eternity because they were only concerned with their own needs and desires; they were living their own busy, full, and burdened lives.
- They were too busy to be bothered by this young couple.
- Christmas is the season to remember that God Himself came to us, ready to teach, encourage, and make a way for us to see our way home after our particular battle is over.
- Compared with what was going on just down the street or across town, how important were those activities?
- Compared with your salvation and eternity, how important are the things that are keeping you from Christ?
- I don’t see God saying, “Oh, you were the Top Salesman? by all means you get in!” or "Your house was how many square feet? Wow! Enter into the gates of Heaven.” I wonder how many people walked by the woman who was carrying the Son of God that night.
- One of the most wicked characters in the true story of Christmas is the murderous King Herod.
- History records that Herod was a ruthless, cold-blooded ruler.
- He was a very evil man. Early in his reign he had all the Hasmoneans murdered.
- Herod was not a Jew, but what is known as an Idumean - a descendant of Esau. Through his family’s political maneuverings, he had been appointed King of the Jews by the Roman Empire.
- Herod missed Christmas. He passed up an opportunity to meet and come to know the King of kings because of his fear that someone else would take his throne.
- There are still people who won’t allow anything, even God, to interfere with their lifestyle. They’re not about to let someone else be king of their lives. They see Jesus as a threat, just as Herod did, and so they miss Christmas as well.
- The world as a whole ignored the birth of Jesus. The world ignored the greatest miracle that had ever happened up to that time, and they missed the first Christmas.

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