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FIELD GUIDE: Reverse Advent (1 of 3)
Field Guide for December 2-8, 2018
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    Sunday 9:00 AM
Message: Mercy
God waits for the costly mercy God models.

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READ: Matthew 12:1-14, Matthew 23:23-24

1. The word “mercy” appears throughout Matthew’s Gospel as Jesus emphasizes being merciful. When has someone shown you mercy? How did you feel?

2. Jesus criticizes the Pharisees for neglecting “the more important matters of the law (like mercy).” In what ways do you find it easy to be obedient to God’s standards? What “more important matters” are harder for you to keep?

PRAY: Lord, thank you for showing me mercy. Teach me how to be merciful like you. Amen.
READ: Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 1:20

1. When have you paid the price for acting without first thinking carefully about what you should do?

2. Joseph “considered” carefully what to do with the apparently scandalous situation he and Mary were in. How can careful thinking help you to better practice mercy?

PRAY: Lord, we are often prone to acting without carefully thinking things through. Help me to think well, in alignment with your truth, so that I can better practice mercy. Amen.
READ: Matthew 1:19,24; John 14:23-24

1. What connection does Jesus make in John 14 between loving him and obeying him?

2. Joseph was “righteous,” or a man who tried to be faithful to God’s law. It doesn’t mean he was perfect; rather, it meant obeying God was his priority. How would you grade obedience to God as a priority in your life? If 5 is “totally committed” and 1 is “not at all committed,” how would you rank yourself?

PRAY: Jesus, I want to be righteous like you and like Joseph. Make loving obedience to your word my highest priority. Amen.
READ: Ephesians 5:1-2

1. Many New Testament passages, like this in Ephesians, tell us God’s mercy for us in Jesus is costly. What did God’s mercy toward us cost God?

2. Showing mercy to Mary through a quiet divorce would have been costly to Joseph, both financially and to his reputation. When have you shown mercy in a way that was costly to you? Are there any opportunities for costly mercy in front of you? 

PRAY: Lord, you have shown us rich and costly mercy in Jesus. Thank you. Don’t let me be afraid of showing costly mercy to others. Amen.
READ: Mark 6:2-4

1. Jesus was not warmly received in his hometown when he tried to minister there. Notice he was called “Mary’s son,” which is very strange in a culture where men were known as “the son of (their father’s name),” suggesting rumors about Jesus’ conception continued through adulthood. When have things in your past, whether true or false, stayed with you later in life? How did you respond?

2. How might Mary have responded to the rumors sure to swirl around her? How would you respond to someone who told you God had done something miraculous in their own life?

PRAY:Lord, thank you for your forgiveness and giving me new life in Jesus. Help me not to burdened by the past but to build a Christ-like reputation that brings honor to you. Amen.
1) Catch up on a day you might have missed.

2) Read Matthew 2:1-12 for Sunday and ask God to speak to you during worship.


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