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In Those Days: Zechariah & Elizabeth
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In Those Days
A Christmas Character Series
Part 1: The Story of Zechariah and Elizabeth: The Calling of the Faithful
By Pastor David M. Schmaltz
When we feel insignificant or that God has forgotten us, God is watching. Sometimes the quietness and simplicity of our lives is qualifying us for a great moment because we are available and are ready to be used. Do not question God’s plan. All things work for our God and into God’s great mission to save the world.

A. The Story. Luke 1:5-25
B. The Facts:
1. Zechariah and Elizabeth were from the family line of Aaron – the Priest.
2. They were righteous blamelessly observing the Lord’s commands.
3. They were very old and could not have children.
4. Zechariah during his time to serve and burn incense in the Temple of the Lord, and Angel of the Lord appeared to him. (Gabriel)
5. He is told that Elizabeth will have a child who will be filled with the Holy Spirit in the womb. “He will be a delight to you” and cause Israel to turn back to God in the spirit and power of Elijah.
6. Zechariah is made silent because he doubted the Lord’s promise. He does not speak again until the baby is born, and he names him John as he had been instructed by God.
7. All of it comes true!
C. Our Takeaway:
1. We just finished a Series about our Hope and Future. This is Phase 1 of the fulfillment of God’s promise.
2. Zechariah and Elizabeth represent all who are waiting on God patiently – maybe even struggling with whether God will ever fulfill his promise to us.
3. It is at these moments that God often comes and draws us out to embrace His plans.
4. You are never too young or old.
5. God does look at faithfulness with favor. That means do not give up doing the good you know is right. God is watching and what you do in secret, he will reward openly.
6. They receive a baby. God does not give us all babies, but he does fill us with His vision and passion. John represents a major thrust forward into the prophetic plan for the whole earth. What a privilege to be a part of it.
7. And so, we too receive our gift! What qualifies us for this gift?
8. Faithfulness in heart and life.
9. Zechariah kept showing up to the Temple to serve. Where does God speak? In His presence. Get to know it, rely upon it. Value it, do not despise it. Sometimes, we are disillusioned with the Church because we forget what it is all about – God’s people coming together to worship God, get equipped, encourage one another and GO.
Zechariah and Elizabeth live in some obscurity. To God, these are the ones He loves to use to bring forth His purposes. DO NOT DESPISE THE DAYS OF SMALL BEGINNINGS.
D. Conclusion:
1. What is the reward of a faithful life dedicated to God? To bring forth something eternally impacting.
2. This is so much of what is missing in today’s Christianity – willingness to dwell in obscurity so that God may be glorified through all we do, and all we create. We often reach for the good and miss the great.
3. John the Baptist becomes great as Jesus testifies, and he even discovers that his own greatness and popularity must give way to the one whose sandals he is unworthy to untie.