Cadyville Wesleyan Church
Reel Christmas- Week 1- Prepare Him Room
Humanity thrives on story-telling. Since the very beginning, families have gathered around to tell stories old and new. There's something special about the Christmas season that unites old and young: traditions, music, and (of course) movies. Children still watch It's a Wonderful Life and Charlie Brown's Christmas Special, even though their parents (and sometimes their grandparents) weren't alive when those were released. This Christmas season, we're going to lean into the fun, the nostalgia, and the joy of Christmas movies with our series Reel Christmas! Each week, we will engage with a theme from the movie and see how the Scriptures speak into that theme and into our lives. It's a series you won't want to miss.
Locations & Times
  • Mosaic Church
    2083 NY-3, Cadyville, NY 12918, USA
    Saturday 6:00 PM

We will open the teaching time with a clip from the holiday classic Home Alone!

Home Alone Clip

Click here for a YouTube video of this clip. It begins at 0:46.
The question that I can't shake when watching Home Alone is: How did that entire family get all the way to the plane and not realize they forgot a kid??
There’s something odd that Christmas has become synonymous with stress, frustration, overspending, overindulging, and under-satisfaction.
Jesus confronts our natural inclinations, values, and priorities and challenges us to transform our thinking by embracing Kingdom inclinations, values, and priorities.
“For it is in giving 
that we receive. 
It is in pardoning 
that we are pardoned.
 And it's in dying 
that we are born to eternal life.”
- Prayer of St. Francis
It’s by embracing this new Kingdom perspective, this new Kingdom life that we discover everything for which we had ever longed.
It’s about seeking something different and in its discovery, finding satisfaction that doesn’t go away.
The answer to this season of stress and anxiety will never be found in more.
You’ll find that in the pursuit of the Kingdom, you’ll discover something that too many of us secretly long for, but too few of us find: peace.
Jesus calls us to resist this way of thinking. He calls us to alter our paradigm. 
He calls us to rework
 our priorities.
Preparing him room is an intentional act of reorienting our lives around Jesus.
When we commit to preparing him room, when we commit to making room for Jesus, it becomes a decisive, defiant break from the values and priorities of the world and embracing the countercultural, counterintuitive values and priorities of the Kingdom of God.