The Ridge Church
God’s Will and the Glory of God
November 17 - Sunday Morning Bible Study Outline
Locations & Times
  • The Ridge Church
    7350 Old Hwy 13, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
The Point

We bring glory to God when we obey His will.
Life Connection

Different world religions offer wrong perceptions of how God works in the world. Some see His acts as capricious and seemingly on a whim. Others view God as distant and uncaring. But the Bible reveals the true nature of God: the all-powerful God who acts in holiness and love on a personal level. Jesus also showed us at the death of Lazarus that God always works for
His glory.
The Setting

The raising of Lazarus is the seventh climatic sign miracle of Jesus in John’s Gospel. It occurs at the end of what has been called “the Festival Cycle” (John 5:1–11:57). Throughout this section of the Gospel, the Jews’ hostility toward Jesus continued to build (5:18; 11:47-53). Upon hearing that Lazarus was ill, Jesus determined to return to Judea, in spite of the seeming danger the trip posed to Him.
What experience or image has struck you as awe-inspiring?
What does Jesus’ response in these verses reveal about His nature?

How would you explain or summarize God’s glory?
How does our faith allow us to see God’s glory?

When have you seen obedience to God result in His glory?
In what recent circumstances have you seen God demonstrate His glory?

How can our group bring glory to God?

What role do we have in glorifying God or calling attention to His glory?
Live It Out

Put your faith in God. Trust God to work in the middle of whatever difficulty you are facing. Pray for His will to be done and His glory to be seen.

Repent of wrongdoing. Think about an area of your life in which you have not been obedient and, consequently, not honored God as you should. Confess that and ask God to show you the adjustments you need to make so you can glorify Him in that area.

Help someone else to trust. Walk alongside someone who is going through a difficulty. Be the presence of Christ to that person. Encourage him or her to see where God is at work, to trust Him, and to let His honor shine through.
Sometimes difficulties may blindside us and seem impossible to overcome. But trusting God in spite of them brings glory to Him and accomplishes His will in our lives.