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Home For The Holidays: Meet The Family
In the series, Home for the Holidays, we will center around the arrival of our Risen Savior and the glorious implications that result from Jesus coming to Earth. Christmas is also a season of reflection and preparation. In the first installment of Home for The Holidays, we are going to "Meet The Family" and understand the significance behind Jesus' family true and what they mean for us today. The Outlet Community Church (Atlanta, GA) exists to empower, equip, develop, and deploy people to live authentically.
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Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
Meet The Family
Home For The Holidays Series
Matthew 1:1-5 (NLT)

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A common practice of Jewish literature was to be introduced by first establishing your pedigree and genealogy. To a Jew it would be a most impressive matter that the pedigree of Jesus could be traced back to Abraham.
Exercise - Write down three happy events in your life from 3 different time periods:
- Early Childhood
- High School/College
- In Your Adult Life
There is History Between the Lines
I want us to read between the lines. Refer back to the opening execise. Although you recorded three events, there is history between the lines (events). In Matthew 1:5, there were so many pivotal points that took place. To fully grasp the context, we are going to take a look at the story of Boaz and Ruth from a different perspective.....Naomi's!
Elimelech moved Naomi out of their land (Bethlehem, Judah) to go to enemy territory to escape famine

Map of Naomi and Ruth's Journey

Naomi found herself through no recorded wrongdoing of her own - widowed, without a biological son. Therefore, she was considered poor and destitute by the standards of society. (Keep this in mind)
Ruth promised that in spite of the sorrow, pain, and misfortune she experienced in her life, she would be with Naomi in her time of transition and change.

- This Christmas Season, we too, can be the person who is there for someone else who is going through transition and change.

- As a church, there are two ways: starting next Sunday, we will be collecting socks for MLK sock Drive for the elderly and the homeless. Also on Saturday, December 22nd we will again be providing dinner for Nicholas House.
Although Naomi’s given name means pleasant, she allowed her unwanted circumstances to redefine her to become bitter.
Our family history gives us insight into our personal destiny.
Boaz represents the person of Jesus Christ who is a kinsman to us and understands our struggles, and redeems us from sin and the affects of sin.

kinsman - Heb. goel, from root meaning to redeem. The goel among the Hebrews was the nearest male blood relation alive. Certain important obligations devolved upon him toward his next of kin. (1.) If any one from poverty was unable to redeem his inheritance, it was the duty of the kinsman to redeem it (Lev. 25:25, 28; Ruth 3:9, 12)
Reflection + Discussion

1.Do you believe if you had more financial resources that it would be more or less difficult to remain generous?

2. Are there any examples where we should not be generous?

3. Take 5 minutes to write out ways to cultivate a generous heart.

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Volunteer at Nicholas House This Fall

The Outlet has partnered with Nicholas House to make an impact in our community. Nicholas House is the only shelter in Atlanta that helps homeless families regardless of family makeup with housing and a path to self-sufficiency. Before volunteers are able to serve, they must complete a Leader Orientation at Nicholas House to learn their best practices and guidelines. Children (18-under) are not allowed at the Orientation but are permitted to serve (when accompanied by adults) on the day we are scheduled.Scheduled Service Dates: Sunday, October 21st | Saturday, November 24th | Saturday, December 22ndTime: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pmTask: Serving Dinner to the Families in Nicholas House

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