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As Thanksgiving has come and gone, I continue to ponder what I am thankful for.

For me, the fact that I, the chief of sinners, can in some way be a part of this wonderful church family, to be God’s ambassador to such a wonderful congregation, blows me away! I am thankful for this opportunity.

I am most thankful for my salvation. Undeserved, and unfortunately, most of the time, underappreciated.

As I study God’s word on a regular basis, I can’t help but return most of the time to the passion narratives.

I can’t seem to shake free from the truths that these narratives present.

Today I want to look at this specific account found in all 4 Gospels, and I pray that God would burden your heart and change your life by the truth of His word.
Jesus, The Innocent

· In Luke 23:15-22, Pilate declares Jesus’ innocence 3 times
o 15
o 20
o 22

· These are not the only verses, Luke seems to be hammering down Jesus’ innocence
o Verse 4- Pilate
o Verse 41- Thief on the cross
o Verse 47- Centurion
Why would Luke make such an emphasis on the innocence of Jesus? Why does this seem to be echoed over and over again throughout this narrative?

· At least 6 clear declarations of Jesus’ innocence are found in this chapter
· Why does Luke make a point to show us different people’s views on the innocence of Jesus?
He is taking us somewhere
Barabbas, The Guilty

· Just after Pilate states Jesus’ innocence: “Look, nothing deserving of death has been done by him,” Luke tells us in verse 18-19:
o “But they all cried together, ‘away with this man, and release to us Barabbas’—a man who had committed murder in the insurrection."

o Matthew 27:16- “notorious prisoner"
o Mark 15:7- “murder in the insurrection."

· Barabbas is guilty of Murder and Rebellion
o Rebellion—the very thing that the leaders and people are charging Jesus with.
§ Verse 14- “misleading the people
§ Verse 2- “Saying the he himself is Christ—a king”
o Murder
§ An offense that makes it clear that Barabbas deserves prison as well as death
· Genesis 9:6- shedding of innocent blood= death

· Barabbas is not a mere offender in rehab, he is a MURDERER on death row.
· Luke then reiterates Barabbas’ guilt in verse 25 saying the same thing he has just said in verse 19
o In other words, Luke is telling the reader: “remember Barabbas’ sin.
· Barabbas- guilty of murder and rebellion, deserving death
Jesus- Innocent
A Horrific and Holy Substitution

· Notice with me if you would, the emphasis that Luke uses on the word “Release” in this narrative.
o Verse 16- Pilate intends to release Jesus
o Verse 17- the people respond “away with Jesus, RELEASE us Barabbas
o Verse 20- Pilate again expresses his intention to RELEASE Jesus
o Verse 22- Pilate’s 3rd time stating his intention to RELEASE Jesus
o Verse 25- Pilate “RELEASED the man who had been thrown into prison for insurrection and murder, for whom they asked, but he delivered Jesus over to their will.

And so, the people are pleased to exchange Jesus, the spotless lamb, for Barabbas, the guilty murderer.
The FIRST Substitution of the Cross

Do you see where Luke is taking us? Luke has stressed so deeply the innocence of Jesus and the guilt of Barabbas, leading us sinners to identify in a significant way with Barabbas.

· This story is leading to its climax- The cross
o but right here, in this passage, the story seems to slow down and uncover a beautiful truth.
· The Bible tells us Jesus’ condemnation and subsequent death on the cross leads to the release of a multitude of spiritual captives from every tribe, tongue, and nation. (Revelation 7:9-12)
o But here, in this passage, Jesus’ death sentence leads to the release of a PHYSICAL captive- Barabbas.
o Here we see a foretaste of the grace that will be unleashed by the cross.
· Jesus is manifestly innocent
· Barabbas is CLEARLY guilty
o Just as we also are clearly guilty before God
o Rebels deserving death
§ Romans 3:10-19
§ James 2:10
§ Romans 3:23
§ Romans 6:23
· So as Pilate releases Barabbas, the guilty, and delivers Jesus’ the innocent, over to death:
o We have a clear picture of our own release effected by the cross.
§ Barabbas gives us a glimpse into ourselves, and of our stance before the God of the universe--- GUILTY AS CHARGED
Barabbas also gives us a preview of the arresting grace of Jesus, and His loving embrace of the cross, through which we are set free!
WE Are Barabbas

Luke clearly means for us to identify with this story in 2 ways:

· Jesus
o being united with Him in faith, His death becomes our death.
o His condemnation of sin becomes our condemnation of Sin
o His victory is our victory
§ Romans 8:1

· Barabbas
o We are rebels
o We are sinners
o We are criminals who have broken God’s law
§ Guilty as charged
§ Deserving death for our rebellion against our creator
o JESUS takes our place and we are released
§ Did Barabbas change His lifestyle/thank Jesus?

As we more greatly understand the depths of our sin, we can proclaim with Luke, “I am Barabbas."
· I am the one who so clearly deserves death and condemnation
· I am the one guilty
· I am the one who has rebelled
o The son of God took MY place
§ Mark 2:17- Jesus came for sinners