H2O Church
This is part three of this series, as we look at the "wisdom literature" of scripture. In this talk, we'll look at the wisdom that Job gives about suffering, whether that is merely criticism or cancer.
Locations & Times
  • H2O Church
    100 S Eola Dr, Orlando, FL 32801, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM
Background info
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Little info about Job
Mentioned by Ezekiel(OT) and James (NT)
A wealthy man
who loves God
who lives in the land of Uz (N. Arabia)
The man who had it all, then lost it all
#1—Don’t try to explain suffering to those who are suffering.

#2—We are invited to grieve when we’re suffering.

#3—A sovereign God is our only hope when suffering.
#4—God’s answering to suffering isn’t an answer, but a Person.

#5—The suffering of Job anticipates the Gospel of Jesus.