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Esther (Week 9): Spiritual Defense
This week's message big idea from Esther 9 is: "A proper defense wins battles and gains respect" To find out more about Involve Church, head to or email
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Passage: Esther 9
Title: Spiritual Defense
Date of talk: 11-3-19
Teacher: Ryan Frank

Passage Outline/Summary of Text
1. The Jews overpowered their enemies (1-10)
a. The Jews only attacked their enemy
b. The Government helped because they feared Mordecai
c. The Jews did not seize any plunder
2. The king extends the edict in Susa (11-15)
a. The Queen requested an extension
b. Haman’s sons were hung on the gallows as an example
3. Celebrations occurred in the city and the country (16-22)
a. Susa celebrates on the 14th and 15th day of Adar
b. The country celebrates on the 14th day of Adar
c. They celebrate because their mourning was turned to rejoicing

Life Application Points
Big Idea: A proper defense wins battles and gains respect
1. You can defend your faith without hurting your reputation
2. Leaders using their authority wisely gain the respect of many
3. Celebrate the victories today and remember them tomorrow

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