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Clear as Mud—Part 5
The gospel can be confusing. What exactly should be included in the presentation of it? What does God require of us to receive forgiveness of our sins? How do we receive the gift of eternal life? Our current series, Clear as Mud, will answer these questions and more. No message is more important than the gospel—so, let’s clear it up.
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  • Chestnut Ridge Church [CRC]
    2223 Cheat Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508, USA
    Sunday 8:00 AM
  • Chestnut Ridge Church
    Sunday 5:55 PM


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Clear as Mud: Part 5 (Tim Haring)

Problem: People don't realize how the gospel is to affect their lives.
Solution: We are to live a life worthy of the gospel: rid and run
Today's Takeaway: Represent Christ well as citizens of heaven
This one thing I urge as the only thing needful. - Vincent
Paul does not set forth a series of exhortations but only one, and it is crucial. Yet this one exhortation is comprehensive since it covers every aspect of the readers’ lives. - O’Brien, P. T.
The words [“live your life”] translate a political word which would mean much to the Philippian believers. Literally it means “live as citizens.” Because Philippi was a Roman colony, the Christian inhabitants of the city would appreciate Paul’s use of that verb. – R.P. Lightner
At various locations around the Empire, retired legionaries were given land in the provinces, establishing colonial towns. Philippi in Greece is one example. - “Life in the Roman Empire,” Carol Ashby
There were four classes of people in the Roman Empire: citizens of Rome, Latins, non citizens, and slaves. - Carol Ashby
Those who possessed such a status enjoyed a wide range of privileges and protections which varied over time and place. Some of the more common benefits were the right to vote in assemblies and to be eligible to run for civil or public office. It also included the right to make legal contracts or hold property, as well as the privilege of immunity from some taxes and legal obligations. They even had the ability to request Caesar himself hear their case. Additionally, citizens could not be tortured or whipped (scourged), except for treason. -
Our goal: Represent Christ well as citizens of heaven
1. Love others and pursue unity.
2. Be careful how you live.
3. Focus on serving Christ.

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