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A Prayer of Confession
Bible Study Outline for 9:00 am, November 18, 2018.
Locations & Times
  • The Ridge Church
    7350 Old Hwy 13, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
How to Pray

Session 1: The Object of Our Prayer
Session 2: A Prayer of Praise
Session 3: A Prayer of Surrender
Session 4: Praying for Ourselves
Session 5: Praying for Others
Session 6: A Prayer of Confession
Session 7: A Prayer of Thanksgiving
The Point

God forgives when we come to Him in repentance.

The Bible Meets Life

Our greatest need is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sin is what keeps us from that relationship. Even for the believer who has stepped into a relationship with Christ, sin can become a barrier in that relationship. King David—who was called a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22)—sinned but he modeled for us what it means to come to God in confession and repentance.

The Setting

Jesus taught His disciples how to pray using what we call the Model Prayer. He instructed them how to ask the Father to forgive and protect them. Psalm 51 serves as a fitting example of a prayer for forgiveness and restoration. King David wrote the psalm after Nathan confronted him about his sin (2 Samuel 11–12). In the psalm, David described his willingness to confess his sin and seek God’s forgiveness. He also prayed for spiritual renewal and restoration.

What ideas or images come to mind when you hear the word ‘confess’?
What are the benefits of forgiving others?

What are some ways God protects us from the evil one?
Why is confessing our sins a necessary part of our spiritual lives?

What attributes of God described in this psalm should give us confidence in confessing sin?

Since our sins have been forgiven through Jesus’ work on the cross, why do we need to confess?
What do these verses teach us about our relationship with Jesus?

How would you describe the joy of salvation?
Live It Out

Confess sin. Each time you pray, ask God to reveal any unconfessed sin. As he reveals things to you, turn from them, seek His forgiveness, and thank Him for His cleansing.

Read. Read and pray through Psalm 51. Ask God to give you a renewed dependence upon Him.

Seek forgiveness. If others have been hurt by some sin you’ve committed, confess that to them and ask for forgiveness.

Wrap It Up

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing, especially when one experiences forgiveness from the Father. When one maintains a forgiving attitude, blessings flow.


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