Central Church of Christ
Jesus Went: To the Wedding
Join us as we explore the places Jesus went as we delve into our place in God's story of life!
Locations & Times
  • Central Church of Christ
    45 N Main St, Sparta, TN 38583, USA
    Saturday 10:00 AM


The Mayor’s believed that if he could just get the motorists to pay attention, then he could get his message across. The message… STOP! It was an important message… he was using special signs to get it across. Stop.... and smell the roses.Stop.... or I'm telling your mom. Stop.... in the naaaame of love. Stop.... collaborate and listen.

The Wedding is different from the Wild of last week.
If the WILD was where:
Spiritual & Emotional Resources are Scarce
The Devil Runs Wild & Temptations are Fierce
Barrenness Thrives
We see Clearly and are motivated to take action!
Then the WEDDING is where:
Spiritual & Emotional Resources are Plentiful
The Devil runs His covert operations
Happiness Thrives
We lose our focus and need to look for SIGNS!

Background of water & wine

According to the Book of 2 Maccabees 15:39 (written around 60 B.C.) “It is harmful to drink wine alone, or again, to drink water alone, while wine mixed with water is sweet and delicious…” The Jewish Talmud talks about the traditions of the Rabbis in Jesus’s day, and several times tells us that the normal mixture is said to be 1 part wine to 3 parts water.


NPR about Miracles

80% of People believe in miracles
Greg Smith: “One of the things we see is that even people who are not part of a particular faith, people who are unaffiliated with any particular religion, even this groups says they believe in miracles, more than half of the unaffiliated say they believe in miracles. And so what you're seeing here is that - is more evidence of the religious nature of most people in the United States even those including many young people who may not be formally may not be formal members of a particular religious group NPR interviewer: “Did you define miracle in the survey?” Greg Smith: "Not in so many words. What we did is we asked people a very straightforward question. Basically, do you agree or disagree that miracles still occur today just as in ancient times?"
NPR interviewer: “Well, that gives you some context. Ancient - might that be taken as a word for biblical?”

“He died not for men, but for each man. If each man had been the only man made, He would have done no less.”
― C.S. Lewis
What is Jesus calling you to do today?