FEARless Part 3
Today we wrap up our series on FEAR! Are you ready to transform into a fearless, overcoming, impossible doing hero?
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Here are three examples from the Bible, who are examples of us!

David was a young shepherd boy who played harp and sat around the fire singing while his father’s sheep ate grass. He is thrust into positions where He has to face a lion, a bear who were giants to his personal life, and a giant that was a giant to the entire country he lived in. What kind of FEAR does he have to face?

Esther was a Hebrew girl who became queen, and she found out that the king was going to kill every Hebrew. She had to face the fear that she could be killed herself, but she had to face that fear in order to save herself and her people.

Moses had given up everything He was raised with, ran for his life as a fugitive from justice, and came back to free God’s people from slavery. He gets out of the country only to be blocked by the RED SEA as the army of Pharoh closing behind them. There is no way a group of slave mentality farmers and shepherds can fight off a trained army, and there is no way they are swimming all the way across the sea. What kind of fear does He face?

5 steps to overcome fear and transform who you are!
Denying the existence of a problem doesn’t make it go away, and acknowledging it doesn’t create it.
God wasn’t against us using our reasoning powers
but He wants us to reason with Him and His Word, not against Him and His Word.
3. Arm yourself with the word of God
Find and embrace the promises in the Bible about trust, confidence, and overcoming fear!
We can resist fear with our thoughts, words, prayers, and songs.
The best way to resist fear (a negative) is to be saturated with a positive: the love of God.
5. Associate with people who build you up
Fellowship with faith-filled people is essential.
Paul drew enormous strength from others when he was facing difficult times, and we should too.

To lion, bear, and giant killer!

From one in the King's haram who was the wrong race...

To the savior of the Hebrew people!

To one of the greatest leaders of all time!

What can you transform into? CAN YOU BECOME FEARLESS?

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