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    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
When we do something together, it has the potential to affect how a generation sees God.

1. Name what's broken.

If our church ignores the problems that are happening in our community, we forfeit our right to have influence in our community.

2. It’s okay to expect a miracle, but it’s not okay to wait for one.
3. Leverage whatever you have.
a. Proximity always changes your perspective.
b. The more of us that get close to the brokenness, the more impact we will have.

There is no substitute in a kid’s life for a consistent leader.
5. Do something you don’t know how to do.
Three things happened once the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt:
1. The skeptics outside the wall changed what they believed about God.
2. Those inside the walls changed how they listened to God.
3. A generation changed how they worshiped God.
How we work together can change how a generation sees God.


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