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Radical Generosity: Generosity and the Art of Being Sent, Pastor Jon Palmer
Last week we defined Radical Generosity, this week we begin a journey of turning over the areas of our life that we are called to be radical generous. This week Pastor Jon teaches what it looks like to be radically generous with our time and our unique self.
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    600 Columbia Center, Columbia, IL 62236, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
  • Bolm Schulkraft Park 1101–1141 Park St., Columbia, IL 62236
    Park St, Columbia, IL 62236, USA
    Sunday 8:45 PM
TITLE - Generosity and Money
SUMMARY - While giving $$ is not the ONLY factor of radical it is A factor.
How do you view your $$? Whose is it?
-- 5 – E’s continued
-- Where do I start?
-- What’s the blessing of giving $$?


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Ways To Give

We believe God wants to position Faith to be a generous body of believers able to invest in missional ministry where we live, work, play and beyond; wherever God leads us to bless those who need the Gospel. Faith members and regular attenders are on a journey to discover what it means to move from being blessed to blessing others. We give with gratitude in response to God’s grace and sacrificial love in Jesus, who already has met our deepest needs. He works through the sacrifice and generosity of His people to meet the needs of others and to fuel the mission of His church to make disciples.