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Generosity 101: "Treasure"
Generosity 101: Week 3
Locations & Times
  • Emmanuel Church
    1300 N Vine St, Abilene, KS 67410, USA
    Sunday 8:30 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM

Gordon McClure, Sr. Pastor

Take Aways from Last Week:
TAKE AWAY: We are to be good stewards of our time as we operate in free will to choose how we will spend our finite number of days on earth.

TAKE AWAY: Generosity is also about our generosity with the Spiritual Gift(s) we’ve been given and the other talents we possess.

TAKE AWAY: Even our attitude belongs to God. We can choose to have it reflect His presence in our lives as we submit it to Him.
A. Soft Secular World View in the Church
- Methodists 1.6% of income to the Church (9th of 12 denominations)
- Mormons - 5.2% to the Church HIGHEST PERCENTAGE

-65% of Christians have debt beyond their mortgage
-Car payments are 63.1% of household debt (more than mortgage)

- How much debt do people carry (Excluding mortgage debt):
An average of $25,000 - $50,000

- General Population Spends:
$370 Million on pet costumes a year
$5 Billion on entertaining ring tones a year
TAKE AWAY: The Church is called to a higher standard and greater understanding of generosity when it comes to money management both corporately and individually.
TAKE AWAY: Knowing that stewardship and generosity were important to Jesus should make them important to us.
God looks at the tithe as the floor, not the ceiling, but we tend to see the tithe as the maximum we’re to give.
11.4.18 EUMC Announcements
-Network Church Conference TODAY at 2pm: Join with other UMC Churches for our annual Church Conference. We'll enjoy a time of Worship and then a time of business of the Church
-New Beginnings Class and Lunch Sunday, Dec. 2 12:15pm-3pm: If you're new to Emmanuel please sign up to join us for this class that looks at the history of our Church and the consideration of membership
-Kids Christmas Program Sunday, Dec. 9 at 6pm: Bring the entire family to enjoy an evening of music and a special Christmas message from our kids!

Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Operation Christmas Child Box Collection

We are collecting boxes for Operation Christmas Child until November 11. Bring them by the church and put them in the tower entrance.

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