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Thriving in Babylon- Week 5- Faithfulness in Uncertain Times
Thriving in Babylon challenges us to hope in God and strive to live in a unique way, even compared to other religious people. In what appears to be an increasingly godless society, we are called to live as people of hope, humility, and wisdom. Though Daniel lived thousands of years ago, he has much to teach us today.
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    szombat 6:00 DU
We hate uncertainty. The one thing that we long for is a clear view of the horizon, a clear view of what’s coming next, a clear view of what to do and when to do it.
The Scriptures are full of stories about how very much God is in control, and how very much we are not.
When turbulence rocks your life, allow it to drive you to your knees.
When the storms rage on around you, when things feel uncertain and you don’t know what to do, make prayer your core response.
The world around us changes on a moment-by-moment basis, but Scripture tells us that God is faithful and that he will never abandon you!

"Prayer isn’t about a things. It’s about being changed."

Uncertainty has the uncanny ability to elicit fear. Fear can be a bad thing. It can cause us to close up, to build walls around us. It can cause us to alienate those close to us.
Prayer changes us because it forces us to place into God’s hands what only God’s hands are capable of handling.
But fear, if explored properly, can reveal our deepest desires. And when we are able to discover that, we can give to God those deep, otherwise unknown desires.
Following God often requires familiarity 
with uncertainty.