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Radical Relationships Continued
The 8th Installment of the Radical Series deals with "Radical Relationships." Every broken relationship should have a plan for restoration. The Outlet Community Church (Atlanta, GA) exists to empower, equip, develop, and deploy people to live authentically.
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Pastor Vince Thomas, Jr.
Radical Relationships
Radical Series - Part 7
Mark 11:24-25 (NLT)

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The initial rendering of this scripture took place before Christ died. In Mark 11:25, “so that your Father in heaven will forgive..” was looking to the cross. In light of the finished works of the cross, this scripture now is interpreted as “because your Father in heaven has forgiven your sins,too.”

Forgiveness - release the debt of apology
Why should I forgive those who have done me wrong?
Bitterness - to become terribly envious

Sometimes jealousy is confused with envy.
Jealousy says, “I don’t have it, so you shouldn’t have it.”
Envy says, “I don’t mind you having it, but why don’t I have it?!”
The prayers of bitter people cannot penetrate the wall of their own bitterness. (Hebrews 12:15) #theoutletcc
Unforgiveness pulls us away from a selfless existence to a selfish existence.

Holding on to things that have happened to us conditions us to be ungrateful for the good we do have in our life and fester on things that are not necessarily going well in our life.

Unforgiveness robs us from living in a lifestyle of gratitude.
Every broken relationship should have a plan for restoration
Love is not a feeling or an emotion, it is a decision that is a direct response from receiving God’s love.

V.35 - “by your love” - agape echo - others will know you are a disciple.
A New Way to Fight

The fight is to remain centered on how much God loves you
How to Fight Well

1. Keeping yourself in God’s love (Jude 1:20-21, John 15:9 “continue in my love”)
2. Get a handle on your anger. Use it to bring about positive change rather than destructive change. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
3. Identify destructive behaviors within and isolate them. Remind yourself, the same patience, love, and forgiveness God has with you, you must extend to others. (Ephesians 4:31-32; 5:1-2)
Reflection + Discussion

1.Do you believe forgiveness and restoration are the same things?

2. Are there any examples where it is not permissible to forgive someone who has done you wrong?

3. Write out people who have done your wrong on a sheet of paper. Crumple the paper up and throw it in the garbage. How did that make you feel?

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Volunteer at Nicholas House This Fall

The Outlet has partnered with Nicholas House to make an impact in our community. Nicholas House is the only shelter in Atlanta that helps homeless families regardless of family makeup with housing and a path to self-sufficiency. Before volunteers are able to serve, they must complete a Leader Orientation at Nicholas House to learn their best practices and guidelines. Children (18-under) are not allowed at the Orientation but are permitted to serve (when accompanied by adults) on the day we are scheduled.Scheduled Service Dates: Sunday, October 21st | Saturday, November 24th | Saturday, December 22ndTime: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pmTask: Serving Dinner to the Families in Nicholas House

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