New Life Church in Cupertino
Made for Mondays - Week #3
Do you enjoy or dread Mondays? Are you working just to get to the weekend, for the next vacation, or to retire? What if there was something much more to the work week than simply working a job? Whether you’re in the marketplace, in the home, or in school, God has a purpose for you. Together we will discover what it looks like to go from simply working a job to something much more. Join us Sundays in October at 10:30am as we discover how we were Made for Mondays.
Locations & Times
  • New Life Church - Cupertino
    20900 McClellan Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM
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Your work matters because the people you work matter to God.
Obstacle #3
Work implies authorities.
God establishes and works through authority.

Often God is working through authorities in ways that we don’t know about.
Your work matters because your response to authority matters.

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