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REFUEL Mid-Week Bible Study (October 17th, 2018)
A casual, topical bible study to help "fill up your tank" in the middle of the week. Come as you are and dig deeper into the Word! • Hope's Coffee Café - coffee/tea bar in the foyer from 6:30-6:55 PM • Child Care (ages 6wks-5yrs) & Kids "Mid-Week Mania" (grades K-5th) provided
Locations & Times
  • Hope Community Church
    1240 Jay St, Waterford Twp, MI 48327, USA
    Wednesday 7:00 PM
Tool #4: "P is for Personality"
(Psalm 139:13-18)
Personality Defined:
(1) the visible aspects of one's character as it impresses others
(2) the organized pattern of behavioral characteristics of the individual
I. A Proper View of Our Personality
A. It's about intentionality. (It is God-given.)
B. It's about functionality. (It isn't about popularity.)
C. It's about variety. (It is an expression of our loving creator.)
II. Embracing Our Personality
Our personality affects two key areas of life:
A. How we relate to others.
B. How we respond to opportunities.
III. Various Aspects of Our Personality
Let's look at our personality in 5 different ways:

A. Extrovert or Introvert
• Extroverts are energized by interaction with others.
• Introverts are drained by interaction with others.

B. Thinker or Feeler
• Thinkers are quick on their feet.
• Feelers tend to go with their gut.

C. Consistency or Variety
• Some prefer routine.
• Some prefer unpredictability.

D. Self-control or Self-expressive
• Self-controlled people are slow to react.
• Self-expressive people speak their minds.

E. Cooperative or Competitive
• Cooperative people value the team.
• Competitive people value accomplishments.
Perhaps you are unaware of the fact that you are the customized expression of a loving God. You have been endowed with a unique mix of competencies and the desire and drive to use them in pursuit of an outcome of unrivaled personal importance. Your life has meaning built into it. Effectively, you have an exciting, challenging, and achievable destiny if you will but discover and embrace who you were designed to be.
—Arthur F. Miller (Why You Can't Be Anything You Want to Be)
Closing Questions:
» What did you learn about yourself from this study?
» How has it helped you better understand others in your life?
» Why is embracing your personality a gift to God and others?

Next Week:
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