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Is There Any Hope at all for Children with Dysfunctional Parents
We pray that everyone will decide to make their own legacy.
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I. There’s hope because your walk with Jesus is personal. 21:19-22:2

He rebuilt the high places.
He erected altars for Baal and made an Asherah.
He worshiped all the host of heaven and served them.
He built altars for all the host of heaven in the two courts of the house of the Lord.
He burned his son as an offering
He used fortune-telling and omens and dealt with mediums and with necromancers.
He put the carved image of Asherah he had made in the house of the Lord.

Manasseh led them astray to do more evil than the nations had done whom the Lord destroyed before the people of Israel.
Josiah forsook the ways of his father and grandfather and made it his aim to personally seek the Lord… and he could do that because he was his own person.

Those who grew up or are growing up without godly parents do not HAVE to walk in the ways of their parents.
-You cannot be condemned for the sins of your parents.

Likewise, you will not be able to justify yourself before God by saying, “but God you know what a terrible upbringing I had.”
- Dysfunctional parents do not preclude you from a relationship with God. AND it is no excuse for bad behavior either.
When the Lord is your strength, you can overcome any obstacle to faith.

Faith in Christ is personal. It's not contingent upon the goodness or the badness of someones upbringing.

II. There’s hope because God has a purpose for you to fulfill. 22:3-7

God is working through Josiah to bring a great revival to the nation.
- He set about rebuilding the temple… cleansing the land of paganism
- He restored trust to the office of the priests in his commitment to do what was right.
What has God put you on this earth for.
- God has created us to reflect his image… to reveal his wonder and glory to the world. But I will explain that as we walk with the Lord we will become more familiar with what that means to each of us specifically.

(Glorify God and enjoy Him forever....)
Manasseh and Amon could have cared less for knowing the will of God.
- They were happy living their own way.

Josiah made a decision to offer his life to the Lord.
- He made a decision to not be conformed to the ways of the world and therefore made a huge impact.

There’s no greater purpose for which to give your life than for the glory of God… to lead the world to worship Him who created them.
III. There’s hope because the word of God is powerful to mold your heart. 22:8-13, 23:1-3

No matter how Josiah was raised, it could not numb the effect of the word of God on his heart.
The word of God is so sharp that there is no edge too rough. No skin to thick. No past too hard. No heart too numb so as to escape its piercing power.
- The only thing that was keeping Manasseh and Amon from having their hearts changed was them burying the word of God deep in the rubble of the temple.

It should grip your heart...
- You are a sinner
- You need a savior
- God provided a savior for you in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.
- He was condemned for your transgression.
- He was raised from the dead.

- Will you bury it?

IV. There’s hope because the Lord affirms those who turn to Him with their whole heart. 23:25

Manasseh and Amon killed people like Josiah in their day.
- He would have been hated by his father and grandfather.

But when Josiah turned to the Lord he was affirmed by Him as a man of faith.
Many people turn to Jesus, are saved and affirmed by their families.
- But not all families will affirm your faith.

The affirmation you receive from the Lord is not dependent upon the affirmation you receive from your family.
- As Christ's, He is pleased to claim me as His own. He gave me the right to be called a son of God!
If you are waiting for your parents, a husband, wife, grandparent, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone to affirm your walk with the Lord, forget about it.

If you will turn from your sin and turn to Him once and for all then the Lord of all the earth will claim you as his own child.
- He will take you in. He will make you an heir to his kingdom.
- He will walk with you and he will take care of you himself.
- He will never leave nor forsake you.
- Your faith is your own.
- The Lord has a plan for you personally.
- The word of God is powerful to work in your life regardless of your background and past.

Dont ask whether you are accepted and affirmed by other fallen people… but whether or not you are accepted and affirmed by God.