Raider Church
We have all had those moments in life that make us question God, what He is up to or if He even exists. In this series, we will look at what it looks like to have a bold and defiant faith that withstands and even thrives in the face of trials, setbacks and pain. Through this series, our prayer is that we will all be able say, "God I believe you can rescue me from the fire, BUT IF NOT I still trust you and worship you anyways!"
Locations & Times
  • Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
    1501 Mac Davis Ln, Lubbock, TX 79401, USA
    Tuesday 6:30 PM
Defiant Faith in the Fire
Already walking with God
Pursuing God together
Knew of God’s power
God centered theology
Looking forward to a future rescue.
The more your eyes are on the PROMISED PRIZE, the more you can withstand your PRESENT PROBLEMS. #ButIfNot @raiderchurch
Where fire has BEEN, new life BEGINS! #ButIfNot @raiderchurch
Not seeing the GLORY yet, then God’s NOT DONE yet! #ButIfNot @raiderchurch
God you can save me from this fire, BUT IF NOT I will still
worship and serve you! #ButIfNot @raiderchurch