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This Is Us: Marriage Worth Fighting For
Marriage is a covenant that requires two to become one and complement and help each other. In the Trinity, each defers perfectly to the others. Learn how to overcome obstacles to oneness in your marriage.
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Sunday Setlist
Freedom - Jesus Culture
Revelation Song - Jesus Culture
Miracles - Jesus Culture
Tremble - Mosaic MSC
Be very aware that the enemy wants to do whatever it takes to destroy your marriage
Conservative studies show over 50% of men and 42% of women will commit adultery.
The devil wants you to believe that you are missing out!
ravah (raw-vaw'); to bathe, to make drunk, to fill, to satisfy.

shagah (shaw-gaw'); to stray, to wander, to be devoured.

They enjoy common interests.
They share personal information.
They anticipate time together.
They hide the relationship from their spouses.
They flirt with minor arousing touch.
They invent excuses to call or meet.
They deceive their spouse with words and actions.
They engage physically.

For more on adultery’s destructive power, see Job 24:15, 8, Prov. 2:16-18, Prov. 6:25-29, 32-34, Prov. 7:19-23.
Shield your marriage from the slaughter.
Never be alone with the opposite sex.
Never discuss your marriage with the opposite sex.
Never hang around in the wrong environments.

Always nurture your relationship with Christ.
Always keep accountability.
Always water your own grass.
Even when we are unfaithful, God is faithful.
For Married Couples:
• How can you shield your marriage from Satan’s traps?
• How can you better “water your grass?” What can you do to improve your intimacy in marriage? (Don’t limit your answer to physical intimacy.)
For Single Adults:
• Satan tells people they’re “missing out.” How do you combat the lie that you’re missing out because you’re not married?
• How can you guard (or reclaim) your sexual purity?