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The Object of Our Prayer
Bible Study Outline for 9:00 am, October 14, 2018.
Locations & Times
  • The Ridge Church
    7350 Old Hwy 13, Carbondale, IL 62901, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 9:00 AM
How to Pray

Session 1: The Object of Our Prayer
Session 2: A Prayer of Praise
Session 3: A Prayer of Surrender
Session 4: Praying for Ourselves
Session 5: Praying for Others
Session 6: A Prayer of Confession
Session 7: A Prayer of Thanksgiving
The Point

A right view of God fuels how we pray.
The Bible Meets Life

Our conversations are greatly affected by our perception of the other person. Praying to God is similar. Some people approach God with fear and trembling, hoping they utter just the right words. Others look at God as a kindly grandfather or a vending machine who dispenses whatever we want. How we approach God should be based on what He has revealed about Himself. Thankfully, the Bible presents a clear picture of our almighty and loving Father.
The Setting

Jesus gathered with His disciples on a mountain so He could teach them about living as citizens of God’s kingdom. A multitude listened as Jesus taught His disciples. As He turned their attention to the discipline of prayer, He warned them about what they should avoid when they prayed. Then He gave the disciples a model for prayer. Using the model, He presented the appropriate picture of the Lord, with whom they talked when they prayed.
What's something you'd like to have a birds-eye view of?
How would you describe prayer without using religious language?

Which of the benefits listed in Psalm 103:3-5 mean the most to you today?
What do the images and descriptions in these verses teach us about God?

Why do you think people miss the compassion and love of God described in this passage?
How does placing our focus on God impact our prayer time?

What steps can you take to focus on God’s character intentionally when you pray?
Live It Out

Focus on the Father. Consider the traits of God as our perfect Father. As you begin each day with prayer, focus on those traits and thank God for being your heavenly Father.

Humble yourself. Reflect on the holiness and greatness of God. Humble yourself before Him and acknowledge that He is the Lord who is all-powerful and capable of handling what you bring to Him.

Pray together. Tell another Christian what you’ve learned or are practicing in your prayer life as a result of this study. Challenge them to do the same. Pray with the person.
Wrap It Up

Entering into a close relationship shouldn’t be daunting. God will accept you wherever you are and will lead you into a meaningful relationship with Him.


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