New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
Give Thanks (Week 2)
Locations & Times
  • New Hope Church Detroit Lakes
    829 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN 56501, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Synopsis: We need a position change that we give God the permission to search us.
What are the reasons you withhold your thanks?

Last we talked about magnifying the Lord rather than our situation
We need to adjust our view of self
We need to stop having the altered perception and stopping view the world through out lens rather than the lens of God
Often our automatic safety can be to shut down rather than show gratitude
We need to let God use the magnifying glass on us and examine us.

I don’t want to be a person that internalizes and misses the wonderful part that I get to give thanks to my God!
This chapter opens up with saying you have searched me and know me
It says you know what I am going to say before a word is on my tongue
The last portion of this chapter ends in a way that you don’t really see coming.
The chapter starts with you already know God and end with God search me!
What do we try and hide from God?

It is often the areas that we don’t like that we try to keep secret
You may find that you have been holding on to something in your life that is stopping your ability to give thanks
We can give thanks through our worship!
Often times when hard times come we flip the mirror and fixate on the problem rather than giving thanks to God!