Centreville Presbyterian Church
Rise and Fall of King David: In the Aftermath of it all... David Loses His Throne | Nov 19, 2023
No one wants to be the one who made the big mistake. But what happens when you do? Join us Sunday as we continue our study of the life of David and learn how his failures changed him forever in good ways.
Locations & Times
  • Centreville Presbyterian Church
    15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville, VA 20120, USA
    Wednesday 9:00 AM, Wednesday 10:30 AM
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1) Accepting the way others respond to your failure…takes faith.
- Some will take advantage. (Ahithophel)
- Some will take your side, but want you to hate the people who don't (Abishai)
- Some will offer help, but only in a way that helps them. (Ziba)
- Some will simply see your fall as something to celebrate (Shimei)
- Some will show compassion and will want to see you restored. (Hushai)
2) Accepting that the gracious way we respond to the people who are responding to our failure… is a part of our repentance.
3) Somehow all this has not hardened David, it has strengthened him: