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A Portrait of Spiritual Drift - 1 Samuel 14:14-52
How can we find hope throughout the book of Samuel? Find out this morning!
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Big Idea: A life centered on God's Word and supported by godly friendships can keep us focused on Christ and His best for our lives.
I. A Portrait of Spiritual Drift: Pride (vv. 24-35)
A. We see that Saul is drifting farther from God and his decisions are becoming more erratic. The reasons for this are many, but two that stand out are pride, and a lack of godly counsel. This behavior is becoming a detriment to Israel (v. 24).
B. Biblically speaking, pride can be understood as a self-centered attitude that elevates one’s own thoughts or opinions over God’s Word (cf. Jer. 9:23-24; Prov. 16:18). Pride is often seen in:
1. Narcissism - A preoccupation or excessive love of oneself; having no concern or empathy for others.
2. Self-sufficiency – In the end, I only need me.
3. Arrogance – An over-inflation of one’s value or abilities; contemptuous of others.
4. Entitlement – I deserve better than this.
C. The antidote: Humility. Humility is marked by gentleness and modesty in behavior, attitude, and spirit; it is unpretentious and thinks of others first (cf. 1 Pet. 5:5-7; Phil. 2:3-11).
II. A Portrait of Spiritual Drift: Accountability (vv. 36-52)
A. A key to understanding this chapter is to note what is missing: Samuel. Saul has gathered around him several “yes men” who will not hold him spiritually accountable. This is often the first step to a spiritual drift that avoids answering for sinful behavior, but it also stunts our spiritual growth and development.
B. To avoid this, we need good spiritual counsel that comes from:
1. The Word of God (Col. 3:16-17).
3. Accountable relationships (mentoring, friendships, etc. cf. Gal. 6:1-3).
4. A teachable spirit (Pr. 9:9; Mk. 4:21-25).

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