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"Dear Titus" - God's Blueprint for the Church, Home, & Community
The letter to Titus. Forty-six verses. Twenty-five sentences. Three main themes. One primary goal. A changed life. See you Sunday. Welcome to our Titus series.
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Titus 1:1-16
“Dear Titus” - It’s a very short letter to a church leader named Titus to whom Paul is passing the baton.
Titus 1 focuses almost entirely on the church itself and the need for leaders to lead in the church. Titus 1 is a blueprint for the type of leadership that is necessary for a healthy and thriving church.
Titus 2 focuses on the people of the church and how both men and women should live in their homes and communities. Titus 2 is a blueprint for living out our roles and gender-based assignments.
Titus 3 focuses on what it means to live as a Christian outside the church in the community and more specifically in the workplace. Titus 3 is a blueprint for public engagement.
Things were disordered all over the island and in the fellowships. A church without qualified leaders guiding it is disordered. A home without a bible influencing it is disordered. A community without a believer engaging it is disordered.
Augustine makes the argument that we have disordered loves. We love the wrong things too much. Paul saw a crisis in three areas: church, home, and community. It was a church that needed godly men, sound doctrine, and courageous leadership. Paul left Titus there to put things in order (Titus 1:5). And in this letter, Paul is going to redefine everything: He’s going to restate, reclarify – the spiritual life blueprint. Paul is going to restate true leadership. He’s going to restate what it means to be a godly man and a godly woman. He’s going to restate the home. He’s going to restate relationships. He’s going to restate sexual purity. He’s going to restate the Christian’s testimony. He’s going to restate the gospel. And do we ever need all those things reclarified and restated. Paul wants Titus to help the believers on Crete, to raise the bar, to dial it up a notch, to straighten the crooked.
If last week was “Walk in your authority.” This week: “Get your life in order.” There was disorder all over the island of Crete. "Disorder" is found in every verse in our passage today.
A Disordered Message
A Disordered Household
A Disordered Motive
A Disordered Culture
A Disordered Faith
A Disordered Worldview
A Disordered Mind
A Disordered Lifestyle
I’m going to ask you to make some "exchanges" today that will bring order to the disorder of your life. That will come at the end. "Get your life in order."
Three summaries of the incarnation dot the pages of Titus, providing a framework within which the Christian can view the work of God in the world and in individual lives (Titus 1:1–4; 2:11–14; 3:4–7). All three passages involve the manifestation, or appearance, of God in Christ, rooting the Christian faith in the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate Servant-Leader. Invite Him to lead your life today by being his "Bond-servant".

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