Bouquet Canyon Church
Called Out Part 18 - The Sent Ones
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  • Bouquet Canyon Church
    26900 Bouquet Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, USA
    Sunday 10:00 AM

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Discussion Notes (for use in a small group or individual study)
Sermon: The Sent Ones
(Phone apps are good for comparing multiple translations. Study Bibles help with interpretation.)

1. Icebreaker question: What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done? What happened?
2. The sermon focused on the Great Commission in which Jesus called his followers to make disciples of all nations. What do you remember about each of the main points? What stood out to you or impacted you?
3. Key Scriptures to review:
a) Genesis 1:21-22
b) Genesis 1:27-28
c) Genesis 12:1-3
d) Matthew 28:18-20
e) Luke 24:45-51
f) Acts 1:8
4. Read Acts 13:1-12
a) What do you think it would be like to be part of the church in Antioch at that time? What experiences do you think you would have?
b) Whose idea was it to send Barnabas and Saul out on a mission trip?
c) What were the people of the church doing when the Holy Spirit spoke?
d) How do you think the Holy Spirit communicated with them?
e) What did the church do in response to the Holy Spirit’s message?
f) What happened on the first stop of the mission trip?
g) Review the points in the sermon outline. In what ways do they show up in this passage of Scripture?
5. Read 1 Corinthians 4:1-5
a) Does it surprise you that Paul was fearful when he brought the gospel to people?
b) What was the focus of Paul’s message?
c) What was the style of Paul’s message?
d) What demonstration accompanied Paul’s message? What do you think this looked like?
e) Why is it important that people see God’s power at work for themselves?
f) What might our role be in helping people experience God?
6. Paul often spoke of his personal testimony (for example, see Acts 26:1-23). Why are personal testimonies important?
7. What story or stories do you have to share with others that could help them put their faith in God?
8. Spend some time praying together that you would carry with you God’s purpose, authority, blessing, instructions, and presence. Pray for any specific people on your heart that need to receive salvation. And pray for any other specific needs in your group.