Christian Life Assembly
It Matters = “Your words matter…four things the Bible says about our tongue.”
Thanks for joining us! Everything we do, everything we say and everything we put our hand and resources to at CLA is...for the one. Please check-in with us. Text HELLO or HOLA to (717) 482-5994.
Locations & Times
  • Christian Life Assembly
    2645 Lisburn Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM

Mobile Bulletin

We’re so glad to have you join us!We want to help you DISCOVER the incredible life you can have with Jesus, GROW in your relationship with Him, FOCUS your time and energy on your God-given strengths to impact the world, and REACH others for Him.
1. Words measure spiritual growth and maturity!
Your words matter…choose them carefully!
It matters what you say…and it matters what you think!
Gentleness and self-control are signs of Christian maturity!
Your words are negatively or positively impacting people…everyday!
3. By His Words…all things came into being!
The world is held together by the power of God’s words.
When we speak life-giving words to one another…we edify and build one another up.
4. Our words should be in alignment with our testimony!