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Forgive Week 10: Forgiving Others
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This week's song list
Interested in looking for some of the songs we sang this week? Here's the titles and original artists:

Unstoppable God - Elevation Worship
O Come to the Alter - Elevation Worship
How He Loves - John Mark McMillan
Way Maker - Leeland
Rock of Ages - The Modern Post
Forgive: Week 10
Forgiving Others

When someone wrongs us, Jesus says we must “pay attention to ourselves” and be aware of our own tendency toward resentment and unforgiveness. The Gospel challenges us in that we must identify with the wrongdoer as a fellow sinner in need of grace. Forgiveness means we inwardly pay the debt of the wrongdoer ourselves instead of seeking revenge; this is a reflection of what Jesus has done for us through the cross. Complete, Biblical forgiveness is willing the good of the wrongdoer as we seek their restoration. One assumption that informs this is that evil is separate from the person who has committed evil. We see in Scripture how God works redemptively in places of evil and brokenness to bring about good. Reflecting on Christ’s sacrificial love humbles us out of pride, affirms us out of inferiority, and inspires us to forgive. When we understand the costliness of grace, it transforms our hearts to be more forgiving.
• How does reflecting on the cross lead to humility and assurance?
• How can reflecting on what Jesus endured for you increase your desire to forgive?
• How does minimizing sin also minimize grace? Why is it crucial we understand the depth of our sin and Christ’s love?

• When you “pay attention to yourself,” what do you notice about your heart’s tendencies when it comes to forgiveness?
• When have you had to absorb the cost of another’s wrongdoing?
• How can we avoid judging others’ motives and instead see them as fellow sinners needing grace?
• How can we forgive in a way that values justice and doesn’t enable abuse to continue?

• What are the implications of separating evil from the evildoer?
• How have you seen forgiveness bring about good, even when people meant evil?
• What could it look like to pursue forgiveness while being wise/cautious in terms of trust, boundaries, etc.?
• Who do you need to forgive? Where are you in that process?

Action Steps
• Based on who you need to forgive, what is one step you could take this week to further that process? (Examples: praying for that person, initiating a conversation, talking with your GC about the issue, etc.)
• Spend time reflecting on the cost of sin and thank Jesus for His willing sacrifice on your behalf.
• Review and work through this week’s additional resources: “We Must Forgive and Fogive Well,“ and “Common Questions Christians Ask About Forgiveness.“

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