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II Corinthians 1:12-24
“When Misunderstood and Falsely Accused”

1. Paul has been misunderstood (I Cor. 16:5). He was being accused of deception, carelessness,
inconsistency. Paul had been forced to change his plans. He originally promised to spend the
winter. Jerusalem was in need. He bypassed Corinth and left them out. ‘Inconsistent’…Paul
says one thing and means another. ‘If he cannot be trusted to keep his appointments, how can
we trust his ministry?’
2. Most of this came from false teachers trying to discredit Paul so they would have a following.
3. Have you been misunderstood and falsely accused?
4. II Corinthians 1:12-24 Paul has been misunderstood and falsely accused.
Five reasons that Paul could stand firm:

Have you been misunderstood and falsely accused? Five reasons to stand firm:
The testimony of our conscience
A. Paul could say…Conscience bears witness that before God we have tried to be real.
B.Conscience is that inner faculty that knows and approves when we do right and disapproves when we do wrong.
C. My conscience is clear (Rom 2:15) The conscience is good when it is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, but it cannot be our absolute and final authority. The conscience can be seared. (I Tim. 4:2) The conscience can be defiled. (Titus 1:15)
D. You have been misunderstood and falsely accused. Do you have a clear conscience before God? That is a good place to start.

A.Is Seen 12b, 13
1.What Paul wrote, what he said, how he lived were all in agreement. Paul practiced what he preached.
2.It was not with selfish wisdom…our own nature. He presents a contrast: the grace of God. This controlled his conduct…the gracious influence of the Holy Spirit.
3.We conducted ourselves…what he was inside was seen in his year and a half stay at Corinth. In the world__ among men…toward you__abundant. There was a clearness, a translucency and godly sincerity.
B.Is Sobering 14
Paul lived in light of eternity.
1.We are rejoicing (in part…not all). His ground, his reason: In the day of the Lord.
There is a mutual rejoicing on that day. There were those he led to Christ and taught. They were his converts.
2.Paul was living in light of standing before Jesus. “Then you will know I was sincere.” “Then it will all be revealed.”
3.Whatever misunderstanding or false accusations…when we stand before Jesus all will be forgiven. All will be forgotten and transformed into glory to the praise of Jesus.
4.Do you have a clear conscience? Do you have a clear conduct?

A.His Sincerity 15, 16
There was truth and integrity…not to his will, but to the will of God.
1.Paul was serious about the will of God. He was not careless.. He was not seeking to please men, but the Lord!
2.He sought the leading of the Lord. His motives were sincere. He continued to live as he had during his 18 month stay with them.
B. His Stance 17, 18
1.Paul had not changed. When I say, “yes” I mean, “yes”...“What I say, I do not take lightly.”
2.Are you committed to truth, integrity (what’s right)? God is true. Are you committed to Him?

“For” is the reason for his truthfulness.
A.Relating Of God’s Word
1.You cannot glorify Christ and practice deception at the same time.
2.In the KJV you almost feel the yea and amen are on God’s side. He both gives and confirms His promises. In the NASV Yea is the voice of absolute authority, assurance. Wherefore also is our, ‘Amen.’
3.God gives us to many yeas…the cross…forgiveness…power for living. All of His promises are yea!
B.Response To God’s Word
1.“Yea” is the voice of absolute authority. Amen is Paul’s response to that authority.
2.Amen should be our response without hesitation or reservation. Paul looked up into the face of His Lord concerning pardon…Amen! Concerning God’s love…Amen! Concerning God’s standard for his life…Amen! Paul was so gripped by this relationship he cannot be careless, haphazard, or faithless in his relationship to other people.
C.Relying On God’s Word
1.What God says, I no longer argue with God. Today God says, “Thou shalt not” the church says, “Why?”
2.I believe God waits for every one of His children to have a day when they are broken! Have you been broken? Not emotionally or morally, but a moment when from the depths of your soul there is an “Amen” to all of the will of God. His standards are ours. Character is formed!
3.You can no longer be inconsistent, unreliable and unstable in my relationship to people. What God says, I don’t argue. I say, “may it be so!”

When I respond with ‘amen’ I open the door for the work of the Holy Spirit.
We see His work in vss. 21-24:
A. Establishes 21a
1.There is a constant, tenacious purpose of obedience to the will of the Father.
2.That becomes a part of my life. Days of broken promises, slowness in obedience becomes less frequent. He establishes us!
B. Anointed us 21b
How are we established?
1.(I John 2:20) But you have an unction from the Holy One, and you know all things.
2.This Holy One enables us to obey the Father. So with every ‘Amen’ comes an enabling to teach me and to do, follow through, fulfill His word and will.
C. Sealed 22a
1.(Ephesians 1:13) …in whom after believing you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.
2.Sealed implies impressed likeness…divine ownership. God raised the flag of heaven over the territory of my soul.
D. Earnest 22b
1.(Eph. 1:14) Who is the earnest of our inheritance.
2.The Holy Spirit is the down payment guaranteeing a future possession. The Holy Spirit is my guarantee.
E. Holy Spirit enables us to serve others 23,24
This Holy Spirit is ours also.
1.I call for a witness…serve not as spiritual dictators (as the false teachers (II Cor. 11), but as servants who seek to help others grow.
2.Paul wanted to see them work things out for themselves. For by faith you stand!
Paul stays away so they can grow!

Paul was able to face misunderstanding and false accusations.
Clear Conscience
Clear Conduct: He practiced what he preached.
Clear Commitment: To God’s will and truth.
Clear Character: “Amen” to God’s word.
Clear Conviction: the Holy Spirit working

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