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The Undisputed Christ (Revelation 19:11-21)
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    Sunday 9:00 AM
Description: There are few places in the Bible with the same kind of
intensity and power as what we find in the description of Jesus in
Revelation 19. John sees Heaven opened and witnesses Jesus as He
truly is. On earth He may have been meek and mild, but in Heaven He
is shown in all of His majesty. Everything about this vision communicates one important and undisputable fact: Jesus is King. His power is electrifying enough to strike fear into His enemies; but for those who hold to His testimony this picture is reassuring beyond words. This is OUR king, and He is with us.
The New Testament's teaching about the final day:
• The day of the Lord's coming will be SUDDEN
• It will be UNEXPECTED
• Resurrection will be INSTANTANEOUS
• Renewal of all things will happen QUICKLY
• Redemption will be COMPLETE, not PROGRESSIVE
1. Perceive Jesus in the splendor of His awesomeness
In the GOSPELS, the GLORY of Jesus is VEILED.
In Revelation, the GLORY of Jesus is REVEALED
2. Receive Jesus in the fullness of His Kingship
When we receive Christ as King
We get Him as our Shepherd
3. Believe Jesus in the hope of His inevitable victory

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