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Caleb: A Different Spirit - Ps. Debbie Minnaar
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  • ChurchAlive North, 288 Castlehill Dr, Northcliff
    288 Castlehill Dr Northcliff, Johannesburg 1925 Castlehill Dr, Northcliff, Johannesburg, 1925, South Africa
    Sunday 8:30 AM
When have you felt fear recently?
1. Caleb had a Different Spirit
rûach (roo'-akh) (Hebrew 7306)
wind; breath,
figuratively life, spirit (but only of a rational being) courage, min
pneuma (pnyoo'-mah) (Greek 4154)
a current of air, that is, breath
figuratively a spirit, the soul, mental disposition
δίψυχος dipsuchos (dip'-soo-khos) (Greek 1364 and G5590)
two spirited, that is, vacillating (in opinion or purpose): - double minded.
3. Caleb looked to the Future

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