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God has created a “cause and effect” universe.
It means that God’s not moving the target on you; He’s not hiding from you—He’s not playing games with you—He wants you to find Him.
He wants you to know His will and walk in it—and He’s not trying to make it hard for you to experience Him.
What we see is that God has a plan to set His people free, and He’s inviting Moses to participate by obeying His instruction.
Obedience to God is usually a choice, but it is the only way to participate in God’s work.
God had clearly revealed His plan to save them by leading them out of slavery through undeniable means. But when what they took their eyes off of God, their faith in God’s plan began to wain.
There will always be a temptation to return to Egypt.
Faith + Obedience = God’s purpose
Next Step: Will you obey the next step?
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